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AWS Free Tier

The AWS Free Tier enables client to begin using certain services without having to worry about incurring costs for the specified period.

Three types of offers are available :

  • Always Free : these offers do not expire and are available to all AWS customers; for example, AWS Lambda allows 1 million free requests and up to 3.2 million seconds of compute time per month. Amazon DynamoDB allows 25 GB of free storage per month
  • 12 Months Free : these offers are free for 12 months following your initial sign-up date to AWS; examples include specific amounts of Amazon S3 Standard Storage, thresholds for monthly hours of Amazon EC2 compute time, and amounts of Amazon CloudFront data transfer out
  • Trials : short-term free trial offers start from the date you activate a particular service. The length of each trial might vary by number of days or the amount of usage in the service; for example, Amazon Inspector offers a 90-day free trial. Amazon Lightsail (a service that enables you to run virtual private servers) offers 750 free hours of usage over a 30-day period

For each free tier offer, make sure to review the specific details about exactly which resource types are included.

AWS Pricing Concepts

AWS offers a range of cloud computing services with pay-as-you-go pricing :

  • Pay for what you use : for each service, you pay for exactly the amount of resources that you actually use, without requiring long-term contracts or complex licensing
  • Pay less when you reserve : some services offer reservation options that provide a significant discount compared to On-Demand Instance pricing; for example, suppose that your company is using Amazon EC2 instances for a workload that needs to run continuously. You might choose to run this workload on Amazon EC2 Instance Savings Plans, because the plan allows you to save up to 72% over the equivalent On-Demand Instance capacity
  • Pay less with volume-based discounts when you use more : some services offer tiered pricing, so the per-unit cost is incrementally lower with increased usage; for example, the more Amazon S3 storage space you use, the less you pay for it per GB

AWS Pricing Calculator

The AWS Pricing Calculator lets you explore AWS services and create an estimate for the cost of your use cases on AWS. You can organize your AWS estimates by groups that you define. A group can reflect how your company is organized, such as providing estimates by cost center.

When you have created an estimate, you can save it and generate a link to share it with others

AWS Pricing Calculator

Suppose that your company is interested in using Amazon EC2. However, you are not yet sure which AWS Region or instance type would be the most cost-efficient for your use case. In the AWS Pricing Calculator, you can enter details such as the kind of operating system you need, memory requirements, and input/output (I/O) requirements. By using the AWS Pricing Calculator, you can review an estimated comparison of different EC2 instance types across AWS Regions


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