Connectivity to AWS

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

Imagine the millions of customers who use AWS services. Also, imagine the millions of resources that these customers have created, such as Amazon EC2 instances. Without boundaries around all of these resources, network traffic would be able to flow between them unrestricted. A networking service that can be used to establish boundaries around AWS resources is Amazon VPC.

Amazon VPC enables to provision an isolated section of the AWS Cloud. In this isolated section, company can launch resources in a virtual network that defined by the company. Within a virtual private cloud (VPC), company can organize its resources into subnets. A subnet is a section of a VPC that can contain resources such as Amazon EC2 instances.

Internet Gateway

To allow public traffic from the internet to access your VPC, company attaches an internet gateway to the VPC.

Connection Using Internet Gateway

An internet gateway is a connection between a VPC and the internet. You can think of an internet gateway as being similar to a doorway that customers use to enter the coffee shop. Without an internet gateway, no one can access the resources within your VPC.


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